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Birth to Grandmotherhood: Childrearing In Human Evolution
They are the most precious product of humanity. Like all living things, they are why, at the most fundamental level, we exist — offspring. They are why a few thousand individuals spread out of Africa so many eons ago, and why we eventually populated every habitable environment on the planet. So this time around, CARTA, [...]
Eastward Bound: Home with Nathan East
The stage is set for the performance to come. Drums, congas, electric guitars, grand piano… and bass guitar. Nathan East walks out alone, picks up his instrument, and tenderly plays his signature bass rendition of America the Beautiful. Afterwards, with fingers snapping, UC San Diego Music faculty, alumni, and other talented musicians join him for [...]
Global Health: Three Most Promising Areas for Innovation, with Lord Nigel Crisp
The “global” in global health refers to the scope of the world’s health problems, not just their location. These problems vary widely and include issues such as epidemic infectious diseases, HIV/AIDs, nutrition, chronic disease and lack of technology and healthcare professionals, among many other issues. Lord Nigel Crisp, Member, House of Lords UK, is an [...]
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