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The Future of Talking Dirty
How in English—or for that matter any language—does a word become “dirty?” That, linguistically speaking, is one of the great mysteries of our time, but one that not a lot of university linguists have been particularly eager to delve into. Enter Benjamin K. Bergen. A cognitive scientist and linguist at UC-San Diego, his latest book … Continue reading The Future of Talking Dirty
Re-seeing Everything
UC San Diego researchers are always pushing the boundaries in their fields. Get a front row seat as we celebrate UCSD’s 56th year with three fascinating faculty presentations. Kang Zhang looks at the latest advances in ophthalmology, Christina Gremel talks about what it takes to break habits, and Mark Hanna looks at pirates on the … Continue reading Re-seeing Everything
Convergence of Technology, Demography and Geography
Urbanist Richard Florida visited San Diego to discuss the challenges facing cities and our country as we experience a deep political divide that falls largely along urban/rural lines. He is joined on stage by Steve Clemons of the Atlantic Magazine and Mary Walshok of UC San Diego to explore economic development strategies, building communities, immigration … Continue reading Convergence of Technology, Demography and Geography
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