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Do you want to know the secrets to getting hired and/or advancing your career? Who better to share insights than someone who has placed over 500,000 people in jobs? Phil Blair is the Executive Officer of Manpower Staffing, San Diego's largest employment placement firm. The company provides approximately 2,500 jobs daily. Blair is among San Diego's most respected business leaders, and often-quoted employment commentator, appearing in local and national business media and in the publication of his blog, In this question and answer session, Blair shares strategies and techniques to leverage your education and experience and build a career you're passionate about.

Darrell Smith speaks of how a small team of engineers at Microsoft were able to turn one of the largest corporate campuses in the world into a "smart campus" by refining the data-driven software to achieve energy and operational savings.

Dr. Diego Miralles, the charismatic Global Head of Innovation for Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceuticals, inspires students from San Diego's Kearny High School with his story of leaving a comfortable life in Argentina, sacrificing to get ahead in America, discovering a drug to suppress HIV, and ultimately defining success by the positive influence he and others have on the people around them. This presentation is the first of The STEAM Leadership Series, featuring speakers in conversation with students about embracing creativity in learning. Lead sponsors for The STEAM Leadership Series include Intellectual Capital, Kids Eco Club, the San Diego Unified School District and the Education Synergy Alliance.

This presentation focuses on the lifelong learnings of Vicki Halsey about how to thrive in life and in organizations, through insights gleaned from years of designing and delivering Leadership programs for numerous Fortune 100 companies such as Apple, Nike, Intel, Lowes, NBA, and Wells Fargo. Vicki shares secrets of how, despite hearing NO, more often than not and probably more than most people, she continues to choose success and build relationships of care while fulfilling her mission of helping people claim their brilliance.
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