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Vivek Ranadivé shares his amazing story, from listening to the U.S. moon landing on the Voice of America during his childhood in India to his success as an entrepreneur putting big data to work on the trading floor of Goldman Sachs on Wall Street and later bringing that same entrepreneurial thinking to launching TIBCO in Silicon Valley, to today as owner of the Sacramento Kings and his vision for revitalizing Sacramento, helping to create "Cities 3.0" of the future and extending the NBA's global brand.

Most employers agree that the workforce of tomorrow will need a deep knowledge of computer science, IT, big data, math, and other STEM-related abilities, not just for science and tech jobs, but for all occupations. Such skills are essential for San Diego's booming biotech and life sciences industry (ranked third largest in the country), as well as other large employers in IT, manufacturing and health care. The U.S. Navy, too, has recruited strong STEM talent for more than two decades and partnered with a range of San Diego schools and universities to actively equip students with necessary skills through tech fairs and afterschool and enrichment programs. Hear from several San Diego region industry experts about what skills they need most - today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Recorded on 07/01/2015.

Simon Dixon tells the audience that if you don't pursue your passion then you are always going to be outsmarted, outmaneuvered and outworked by people that do. Over 20 years ago he founded Rock-it! Media in Washington, DC as a company specializing in advertising, media brokering and promotions. In 2006 he merged Rock-it! Media with Idea Engineering in Santa Barbara, CA and now floats between there and his DC office, pursuing his passion.
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