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Approximately 1 million Americans currently live with Parkinson's disease. Irene Litvan, MD joins our host William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss the latest advances in PD research. Learn about the progression of the disease, early warning signs, and promising new therapies currently in development.

Todd P. Coleman of the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering discusses multi-disciplinary efforts to develop noninvasive tools to monitor health status. He shares novel ways of interpreting the collected data for prediction, diagnosis, and prevention of disease, with a particular focus on chronic disease management and healthy aging, as well as the ethics of data collection, privacy, and assessment methods.

Osteoporosis compromises your bone strength - increasing your risk of fractures. Heather Hofflich, DO, FACE, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego Health System explains how osteoporosis is diagnosed, its secondary causes, as well as treatment and prevention options.

Moderator: Dr. Sam Hawgood, Chancellor, UCSF. Panelists: Dr. Atul Butte, Dr. Michael Hogarth, Dr. Lucila Ohno-Machado, Dr. Michael Pfeffer

Substances that might seem innocent can be toxic. Dr. Kent Olson is the Medical Director of the San Francisco Poison Control System. He helps us understand when plants and fungi can be toxic and how to avoid misbegotten uses of herbal medications. Recorded on 03/15/2017.

Gregory L. Moneta, MD. Professor and Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery, Oregon Health and Sciences University. Recorded on 04/06/2017.

Orthopedic clinical specialist Wendy Katzman looks at avoiding fractures in older age with a focus on skeletal health. Recorded on 05/30/2017.

Coral, sea urchins, venomous fish, and stingrays can all inject venom into their targets causing pain and wounds that must be treated. Dr. Dan Repplinger explains how to recognize and treat these injuries. Recorded on 05/10/2017.
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