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Deborah Kado, MD, MS discusses common spine conditions such as osteoporosis and the related disorder, hyperkyphosis, and recent advances in treatment. Recorded on 10/16/2013.

Falls are a threat to the health and independence of older adults potentially limiting their self-sufficiency. Dr. Louise Aronson, Associate Professor of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco, explores how to try to prevent falls in older adults, and promote safety, health and independence.

The panelists discuss their global clinical investigation programs, highlighting creative research approaches and lessons learned. Topics include innovative methods for studying treatment of tuberculosis, infectious and inflammatory eye diseases, and mental health disorders in resource-constrained environments around the world. Each speaker provides case examples, discusses achievements, and shares his or her perspectives on opportunities for furthering UCSF global clinical research initiatives. Panelists: Nisha Acharya, Associate Professor, Departments of Ophthalmology and Epidemiology; Susan Meffert, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Payam Nahid, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine. Saam Morshed, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery moderates.

Dr. Christopher D. Owens, Associate Professor of Surgery and Endovascular Surgery University of California San Francisco. Recorded on 04/03/2014.

Shant M. Vartanian, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, UCSF. Recorded on 04/03/2014.

Steven Hetts, MD, and Christopher F. Dowd, MD, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, UCSF. Recorded on 04/04/2014.

A look at current research and practices in kidney transplantation at UC San Francisco.

Genomic monitoring of transplant patients.

Historically, neurosurgeons have had little information available to help navigate through the brain during surgery. New technologies are now allowing them to design more direct trajectories to brain tumors as well safely remove more of the tumor minimizing damage to healthy brain tissue. Dr. Clark Chen joins Dr. David Granet to explain how tractography and performing surgery in the MRI are improving patient outcomes.

One third of premature deaths in the U.S. are attributable to poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Dr. Robert Baron, UCSF Professor of Medicine, explains the costs of poor nutrition and what you can do to improve your diet. The healthiest diet limit sugars, refined grains, and large amounts of saturated and trans fat. He advises to eat fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, whole grains, legumes and nuts. Recorded on 05/30/2014.
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