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Douglas Vanderbilt, MD, discusses how to optimize high risk infant developmental and behavioral outcomes through clinical care and research.

The defining characteristics of autism have changed and expanded over the past two decades in large part due to substantial research progress and expanded clinical and educational resources. Natacha Akshoomoff, UC San Diego, looks at autism from a variety of perspectives, including genetics, brain structure and function, early behavioral features, outcome predictors, and community diagnostic practices. In this presentation, she describes results from recent genetics studies that influence our understanding of autism and developmental disorders. She also describes the continuing challenges of diagnostic identification in community settings.

America's high school and college students face complex challenges. Examine the connection between increased academic and emotional stress and substance misuse, such as underage drinking on college campuses and prescription drug misuse.

John R. Laird, MD; Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, UC Davis Vascular Center; Sacramento, CA Recorded on 04/18/2015.

Dr. Robert Nussbaum and genetic counselor Julianne Wojciak,discuss the major approaches to detecting and interpreting those gene changes that have an impact on health. How do changes in gene affect risk for heart disease? How do we use both the old-fashioned tool of family history and the newest tools of DNA sequencing to answer our patient's important questions about risk. Recorded on 06/24/2015.
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