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Tim Wigal reviews the difficulties in diagnosis of children of preschool age who present with attentional and social deficits.

Studies measuring behavior and those examining brain size and function have helped to reveal a great deal about how cognition and emotions change with age. Increasingly, however, there is a recognition that additional insight about cognitive and emotional aging can come from investigating the role of blood-based biological factors, including telomere length, gene expression, and levels of circulating compounds related to immunity, stress-responsiveness, and cardiovascular health. This talk will review recent work in this area, with an emphasis on how such factors might be used in the future to help develop individualized interventions to maintain mental wellness into old age.

Nina Schor, MD, PhD, discusses developmental neurobiology and it's relationship with geriatrics.

Dr. Marissa Raymond-Flesch, UCSF Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, focuses her research on access to care for adolescents and young adults with a particular interest in in improving reproductive health access for minority and border communities. She is especially interested in using community-based participatory research to bring health care and health education into these underserved communities. Recorded on 10/29/2014.

Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1.. The news cycle highlights just how a rapidly globalizing world can produce threats to health across borders. Experts discuss the latest efforts to prepare for future pandemics and suggest what governments must do to protect their citizens. Speakers include Richard Feachem, Director, Global Health Group, UCSF; Larry Brilliant, President and Senior Adviser to Jeff Skoll, Skoll Global Threats Fund; Dan Kelly, Clinical Fellow, UCSF; and Ramanan Laxminarayan, Vice President, Research and Policy, Public Health Foundation of India. Recorded on 10/02/2014.

Innovative new products have completely transformed how we prevent and treat conditions like HIV, malaria, meningitis, hepatitis, diarrheal disease, and respiratory infection, saving countless lives. And yet, the challenges to successful innovation in life sciences continue to rise. Leaders here describe what is needed to enable biomedical science to be translated into life-saving products. Speakers include Colin Boyle, Deputy Director, Global Health Sciences, UCSF; Chris Elias, President, Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; John Martin, Chairman & CEO, Gilead Sciences; Bill Rutter, Chairman & CEO, Synergenics, LLC; and Tachi Yamada, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Recorded on 10/02/2014.
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