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Is it possible for damaged nerves to be rewired? Justin Brown, MD joins host David Granet, MD to discuss how patients suffering from paralysis due to nerve injuries can regain function as well as future implications of this novel technique.

Recognizing the early signs of autism and seeking early intervention can improve outcomes. UCSF Clinical Professor Dr. Barbara Bennet explains the signs that may indicate a child is at risk for an autism spectrum disorder. Recorded on 11/20/2014.

Alexander Wunsch, MD, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany gives a historical perspective on sunlight exposure and explains how both the public's and medical community's perspective has changed over time. Recorded on 12/09/2014.

Robert P. Heaney, MD, Creighton University explores why vitamin D is important, how it works, how we get it and how much we need. Recorded on 12/09/2014.

Dr. Susan Little of UC San Diego School of Medicine presents her research that tracks HIV infection by rapidly obtaining genetic information from those engaged in HIV healthcare. A discussion follows on privacy protections, the risks associated with the use of these data and their potential to significantly limit HIV transmission in communities. Dr. Little is presented by the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology in San Diego.

Paul Offit, MD is a Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He reviews the details of the 1991 Philadelphia measles epidemic and the measures taken by the city to stop it. Offit specializes in infectious diseases and on vaccines, immunology, and virology.

Chris Freise, MD discusses the overview and results of the A2ALL Adult to Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation Cohort Study. He compares which pathway to transplant lead to the best survival, and looks at the differences in living or deceased donor transplant survival rates. Recorded on 11/14/2014.

The Nathan Bass UCSF Liver Transplant Conference 2014, Part One. Doctors Nathan Bass, MD and Francis Yao, MD introduce some of the topics in hepatology and liver transplantation that will be discussed at the conference. Objectives include up to date information of specific liver disease entities and issues relevant to liver transplantation, learning more about the UCSF liver transplant program and team and its mission in advancing the field of liver transplant through research and clinical experience.
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