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Join UC San Diego's Mary L. Walshok as she moderates a timely discussion with best-selling author Ken Blanchard. Blanchard's latest book is Refire! Don't Retire: Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, co-authored with UC San Diego School of Medicine psychologist Morton Shaevitz. Together, Blanchard and Shaevitz weave poignant life stories and humorous anecdotes with their own experiences, wisdom, and advice. The message to those in their 50s, 60s and beyond: View each day as an opportunity to enhance their relationships, stimulate their minds, revitalize their bodies, and grow spiritually.

Can nonviolent civil disobedience effectively counter the brutality of organized crime and government corruption in Mexico? What impact can people's movements have against such odds? Pietro Ameglio, a leading theorist and practitioner of nonviolent social movements in Mexico addresses this challenge in an interview with Everard Meade, the director of the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego.

Twenty years after the tragic death of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Yoram Peri reflects upon his life as politician, statesman and general, his dedication to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, his leadership in signing the Oslo Accords, and his assassination by a right-wing Jewish extremist. Rabin's deeply contested legacy - hero versus traitor - reflects the mounting cultural war between liberal, secular Israelis who place great emphasis on Western, democratic values and religious Israelis who believe the Torah and traditional values should guide everyday life. Recorded on 10.18.2015.
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