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Discussion with My Love Awaits Me by the Sea director Mais Darwazah and Nuha N.N. Khoury, UCSB Associate Professor in the History of Art and Architecture. My Love Awaits Me by the Sea is a poetic meditation on what it means to be denied the chance to participate in a collective memory of normal life. Accompanied by Hasan, her imaginary lover, Darwazah (a second generation Palestinian) returns for the first time to her home in Palestine, and finds the remnants of hope in a land exhausted by endless years of war. Recorded on 02.26.2015.

Twenty years after the tragic death of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Yoram Peri reflects upon his life as politician, statesman and general, his dedication to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, his leadership in signing the Oslo Accords, and his assassination by a right-wing Jewish extremist. Rabin's deeply contested legacy - hero versus traitor - reflects the mounting cultural war between liberal, secular Israelis who place great emphasis on Western, democratic values and religious Israelis who believe the Torah and traditional values should guide everyday life. Recorded on 10.18.2015.

Constance Penley, Professor of Film and Media Studies at UCSB, welcomes executive producer and writer Toni Graphia to discuss the Starz series "Outlander." Recorded on 10/22/2015.

There are two questions pertaining to the self - the metaphysical and empirical - that are often confounded. The latter is best approached through neurology as V.S. Ramachandran, Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at UC San Diego, illustrates in this fascinating lecture at UC Berkeley. Recorded on 03/01/2016.

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Berkeley's 2016 HarvEst Distinguished Women Lecturer, Frances Dinkelspiel, for a discussion of her work as an author and journalist. Dinkelspiel reflects on the skills and temperament required in journalism and highlights the particular challenges posed by online journalism. She describes the history of Berkeleyside, the online news site she founded to cover the city of Berkeley. The conversation includes a discussion of her book on her great grandfather Isaias Hellman, an important banker in the founding of the California economy. Tangled Vines, her book on the California wine industry is also discussed. Recorded on 02/16/2016.

Islam is a great religious tradition, the second largest and fastest growing of the World's Religions, embracing some 57 Muslim countries and is the second or third largest religion in Europe and America. Despite the global achievements of Islam as a faith and civilization, since the Iranian Revolution, Islam has been viewed through the lens violence and the actions of militant terrorists. John Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies at Georgetown, addresses the questions: Who are Muslims and what do they believe? What do Islam, Judaism and Christianity share in common? Why does it matter?
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