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Using of genomics and bioinformatics to understand ASD.
Premiere Date: 8/30/2016

Premiere Date: 8/26/2016

Dr. Descartes Li looks at mental disorders.
Premiere Date: 8/23/2016

Premiere Date: 8/19/2016

Premiere Date: 8/5/2016

Premiere Date: 7/29/2016

Premiere Date: 7/29/2016

Relationships between gun violence and mental illness.
Premiere Date: 7/7/2016 Hits/Views: 36,336
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Suicide prevention and bereavement support.
Premiere Date: 6/10/2016 Hits/Views: 24,585
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Impact of parental mental or substance use disorders.
Premiere Date: 5/26/2016 Hits/Views: 43,062
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Behavioral health and the criminal justice system.
Premiere Date: 5/20/2016 Hits/Views: 31,237
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Prop. 63 or the Mental Health Services Act.
Premiere Date: 3/21/2016 Hits/Views: 44,771
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New treatments for depression.
Premiere Date: 3/17/2016 Hits/Views: 67,623
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Emeran Mayer, MD, UCLA
Premiere Date: 2/17/2016 Hits/Views: 361,045
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Brain function and treating malfuntions.
Premiere Date: 11/23/2015 Hits/Views: 598,350
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The relationship between homelessness and mental health.
Premiere Date: 10/29/2015 Hits/Views: 87,395
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Current mental health policies and their effects.
Premiere Date: 8/10/2015 Hits/Views: 149,019
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Stress & psychiatric implications of trauma and disasters.
Premiere Date: 6/29/2015 Hits/Views: 208,859
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Treatment of eating disorders.
Premiere Date: 2/2/2015 Hits/Views: 207,027
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California Summit for Transition Age Youth.
Premiere Date: 1/28/2015 Hits/Views: 34,839
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