Career Trends Magazine

UC San Diego Extension publishes a quarterly magazine covering career trends and training opportunities for college graduates. Each issue's cover story features a newsmaker sharing their views on continuing education and we've made these articles available to the Career Channel audience.
Mia Savoia, MD: Dual Roles of Dean and Diseases Doctor (PDF)
by John B.B. Freeman
Fall 2014
Algae's Petroleum Promise (PDF)
by Henry DeVries
Winter 2014
Mr. Vargas Goes to Washington (PDF)
by Henry DeVries
Fall 2013
A Few Words on the Future of Libraries (PDF)
by Henry DeVries
Summer 2013
The Science & Philosophy Behind the
Happiness Movement (PDF)

by Henry DeVries
Spring 2013
Thank You for Using Your Cell Phone: Lifelong Learning Part of Qualcomm DNA (PDF)
by Henry DeVries
Winter 2013
Smart Communications Careers:
A Smart Bet (PDF)

by Henry DeVries
Fall 2012
Putting Servant Leadership to the Test (PDF)
by Henry DeVries
Summer 2012
War of the Worldviews (PDF)
by Henry DeVries
Spring 2012
Paying More Than Lip Service
to Going Global (PDF)

by Henry DeVries
Winter 2012
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