Exposing Muybridge

8/9/2022; 50 minutes

Director Marc Shaffer discusses his documentary Exposing Muybridge, which sheds light on the life and impact of photographer Eadweard Muybridge, a pioneer of early motion pictures. Muybridge is most famously known for capturing consecutive images of a galloping horse, which proved that all four hooves leave the ground mid-stride. Shaffer details the importance of this photographic experiment in the development of cinema, as well as the other strange and captivating details of Muybridge's life. He also elaborates on the interview subjects of the film, including the involvement of actor Gary Oldman. He talks through the process of recreating and reimagining Muybridge's famous multi-camera shoot and explains the importance of Muybridge in photographic and cinematic history, as well as the lasting influence of his work. Recorded on 05/19/2022. (#38155)

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