Global TV: Squid Game

10/6/2022; 41 minutes

Production designer Chae Kyoung-Sun discusses with moderator Rita Raley and interpreter Eunjin Choi her design work for the TV sensation, Squid Game. Kyoung-Sun goes into detail on her design process, all the way from her initial ideas and discussions with her creative collaborators to how the final products were built and used on set. She discusses how her collaborations with the director, cinematographer, and other design departments completed the iconic look of Squid Game, such as the pink and green color scheme and the final design of the guards' masks. Kyoung-Sun also recounts the hidden meanings and influences in her designs that reflect the hierarchies of the world of Squid Game as well as evoke cultural references like children's games, school tracksuits, and fairy tales. Apart from Squid Game, Kyoung-Sun reflects on her early influences that inspired her to work in production design, which involved going to see films with her parents starting from a young age. Recorded on 05/12/2022. (#38312)

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