Satyajit Ray's Goopy Bagha Musicals

1/12/2023; 49 minutes

Moderator Bhaskar Sakar joined Professor Moinak Biswas, Professor Emerita Supriya Chaudhuri, and graphic illustrator-designer Pinaki De for a post-screening discussion of two films by Satyajit Ray, The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha (Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne) and The Kingdom of Diamonds (Hirak Rajar Deshe). Together, they addressed the personal background of Satyajit Ray, his contributions to Indian cinema, the historical and political contexts of the films, and their artistic significance. Pinaki De elaborated on the significant detail and craftsmanship of Ray's set design, while Supriya Chaudhuri and Moinak Biswas weighed in on the political and literary influences of the films. Recorded on 10/12/2022. (#38564)

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