American Democracy and the Crisis of Majority Rule

3/7/2024; 59 minutes

America's contemporary democratic predicament is rooted in its historically incomplete democratization. Born in a pre-democratic era, the constitution's balancing of majority rule and minority rights created still-unresolved dilemmas. Placing the U.S. in comparative perspective, Daniel Ziblatt, professor of government at Harvard University, offers new perspectives on what should be "beyond the reach of majorities" – and what should not – making the case for a fuller democracy as antidote to the perils of our age.

Ziblatt is also director of the Transformations of Democracy group at Berlin's WZB Social Science Center. He is the author of four books, including "How Democracies Die," co-authored with Steve Levitsky, a New York Times best-seller. His newest book co-authored with Steven Levitsky is entitled "Tyranny of the Minority." Recorded on 12/06/2023.

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