Gateway to the Body: The Oral Cavity and Dentistry

It is a common saying among many health practitioners that the body begins at the tonsils. Yet before reaching that boundary between the primary realm of the dentist and the physician, there are conditions and diseases in the mouth that have a major impact on overall health, comfort, and self-image. The health practitioner and patient may often ask questions such as: Are there new approaches to prevent tooth decay for myself or for my children? Is that red or white spot in my mouth something to be concerned about? Does the health of my gums affect my overall health? How effective are lasers for my dental treatment? What determines the shape of my child's, face, mouth and teeth? And what is the best type of dental implant for me? In this six part series, these current topics in dentistry and dental research are presented by some of the leading experts in these fields at UCSF.

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