Growing UC: Past Successes and Future Challenges: The University of California and Higher Education: Its Mission, History, and Goals

6/3/2019; 120 minutes

Session D features an address from Anneeth Kaur Hundle, UC Merced Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and Ma Vang, UC Merced Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, on the topic of "Growing UC: Past Successes and Future Challenges." The session continues with a panel discussion led by Yolanda Moses, UC Riverside Professor of Anthropology; Michael Meranze, UCLA Professor of History; and Henry Powell, UC San Diego Professor of Neuropathology and Academic Senate Chair 2009–2010. The panel is moderated by Lawrence Pitts, UC San Francisco Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery; 2009–2012 UC Provost; and 2003–2004 Academic Senate Chair. Recorded on 10/27/2018. (#34813)

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