U.S. Sanctioned Countries & the Summit of the Americas

9/19/2022; 69 minutes

The United States uses economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool for one of two reasons: either the latter is a perceived threat to the security of the first nation, or that country treats its citizens unfairly. The United States has imposed sanctions on several Latin American countries, specifically Venezuela, Cuba, and Peru. The leaders of those countries... Nicolás Maduro, Miguel Díaz-Canel and Daniel Ortega are accused of mass atrocities against the people of their countries. The United States will host the ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, and Maduro, Diaz-Canel and Ortega will be absent from the meeting of leaders from North, Central and South America. Richard Kiy hosts a discussion with Richard Feinberg. Abe Lowenthal and Neil Harrington on how US sanctions are working and what will be done at the Summit of the Americas to prevent the spread of authoritarianism in the Americas. (#38111)

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