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September 25, 2020

Eastward Bound: Home with Nathan East

World-renowned bass player Nathan East, a 1978 UC San Diego alumnus with a B.A. in Music, has played with popular music artists in a dizzying array of styles and genres, from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Peter Gabriel to Chick Corea, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Daft Punk. Since the 1980s East has been a member of Eric Clapton’s studio and touring bands. A sought-after collaborator credited on over 2,000 recordings, he is one of the most-recorded bassists in music history. In this benefit concert East returns to his San Diego roots to play with UC San Diego Music faculty and alumni.

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Sugar: The Unsweetened Truth & What We Can Do About It

It comes as no surprise to anyone following the news that obesity and its attendant diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, have reached epidemic proportions in America and globally. Sugar had also received much attention as a primary contributor to obesity and general ill health. UCSF’s Laura Schmidt explores common causes of obesity, with particular emphasis on sugar, and outlines solutions for stemming this “silent epidemic.” Schmidt notes that many of the lessons learned from efforts to reduce tobacco usage may be employed in this effort, citing UCSF’s successful Healthy Beverage Initiative as an example.

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The Insider's Guide to the R/V Sally Ride

Among her many other accomplishments the late Sally Ride was the first American woman in space, a tireless science education advocate, and a Professor at UC San Diego. Ride’s contributions were honored in 2016 when Scripps Institution of Oceanography named their newest ocean research vessel R/V Sally Ride. The ship is outfitted with the most advanced tools available to modern day maritime explorers, enabling them to better understand our planet and protect its environment. This program affords an insider's look at what it takes to design, build, and run a leading-edge oceangoing vessel intended for integrated and interdisciplinary oceanographic research.

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