Health Policy in 2022: Restoring the Health and Well-Being of Californians

COVID-19 changed many aspects of our lives over the last two years. Policymakers at the local, state, and federal level are seeking solutions to myriad problems, including health workforce burnout, maintaining appropriate use of telehealth, ensuring food security and maintaining safety-net services, keeping schools safely open, and addressing rising rates of substance misuse and addiction. Rigorous and accurate evidence is needed to guide them, and ongoing data tracking is needed to make sure progress is being made. In this course you will learn from leading health policy researchers about the effects of the pandemic on diverse aspects of our health and healthcare system, including how we make policy decisions based on evidence in real-time, how and from who we receive care, how we deal with the consequences of unhealthy choices made to cope with the pandemic, and how we can protect the most vulnerable among us.

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