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Jan 30, 2012University of California TV Series Looks at Clutter Epidemic in Middle-Class American Homes
Nov 13, 2012University of California YouTube Series Shows How Farming Innovations can Sustainably Feed the Future
Oct 2, 2012UCTV Prime YouTube Series Highlights Hope in UCLA Alzheimer's Research
July 10, 2012UCTV Prime YouTube Series Unveils Treasures Inside the World s Largest Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection
June 18, 2012 In New YouTube Series, UC Researchers Use 3-D Digital Technology to View Our Past, Present and Future
May 15, 2012 UC Berkeley Public Policy Dean Warns "Don't Hang Up" on Pollsters in New UCTV Prime Video Commentary
April 17, 2012 University of California TV Goes Mobile With New iPhone App
April 10, 2012Dr. Robert Lustig and UCSF Colleagues Give "The Skinny on Obesity" In New UCTV Prime YouTube Series
Mar. 19, 2012"UCTV Prime: Vote" Advances YouTube Election Coverage With Research-Backed Analysis, Commentary by UC Faculty
Mar. 13, 2012UCTV Prime Asks Viewers to Show and Share Their "Naked Art"
Feb. 15, 2012University of California to Launch YouTube's First University-Run Original Channel
May 25, 2011UCTV Launches Scholar-Serving Seminar Web Portal
Feb. 2, 2011Global Health Takes Center Stage on UCTV
Jan. 17, 2010A “Dose of Hope” for Parkinson’s Patients on UCTV
Sept. 22, 2010 UCLA Geography Professor Surfs His Way Towards “The World’s Most Endangered Forests
June 9, 2010Taking Control of Your Diabetes Starts with Education and Prevention
Jan. 4, 2010University of California Television Celebrates 10-Year Milestone
Sept. 27, 2009University of California Videos Provide Timely Disaster Preparedness Information
May 13, 2009UCTV enters L.A. Cable Market
Oct 1, 2008UCTV's Election Programming Breaks from the Television Norm
Apr 30, 2008UCTV Special Tells Stories of Border Crossers Caught in San Diego Wildfires
Mar 26, 2008UCTV Launches Channels on YouTube and iTunes U
Nov 26, 2007UCSB Student Journalists Featured on UCTV's "State of Minds"
Aug 28, 2007UCTV Series Addresses Pain Management in Women
Aug 01, 2007University of California Television Finds a Home on San Francisco Cable
May 16, 2007UCTV's "State of Minds" Profiles UC Merced Campus and Students
Mar 21, 2007UCTV Joins National Autism Awareness Month With Programming in April
Mar 14, 2007UCTV Celebrates National Poetry Month Saturdays in April
Mar 13, 2007UCTV Makes Earth Day a Monthlong Celebration
Aug 23, 2006UCTV Joins National Preparedness Month with Emergency Preparedness Programming
Apr 24, 2006UCTV Celebrates National Women's Health Week
Mar 22, 2006UCTV Celebrates National Poetry Month Saturdays in April
Mar 15, 2006UCTV Programs Receive Six Telly Awards
Mar 1, 2006"When Things Get Small" Things Get Funny on UCTV
Mar 1, 2006University of California Television Lights up Cable in the Central Valley
Feb 22, 2006University of California Television Available on Google Video
Jan 10, 2006UCTV Offers Video Podcasts of Disaster Preparedness Series
Oct 26, 2005UCTV Explores Climate Change, Global Warming Tuesday Nights in November
Sep 14, 2005New Cal-PEN Program Looks at Infectious Disease After Natural Disasters
Aug 23, 2005Fresh Fall Programming for Teachers on UCTV This Fall
July 19, 2005UCTV Presents Programs on Disaster Preparedness for the Primary Care Provider
July 13, 2005Libraries, Science and Television Combine Efforts To Preserve At-Risk Multimedia Collections
June 20, 2005UCTV Documentary "In the Shadow of White Mountain" Wins Emmy
May 6, 2005UCSD-TV's "White Mountain" Documentary Wins International Award
Jan 26, 2005UCTV Celebrates 5 Years with Programming for Teachers, New Cable Markets
Jan 25, 2005UCTV's "P.E.T." Offers Convenient Professional Education for Teachers
Dec 9, 2004University of California Programming on Local Cable in Modesto
Nov 18, 2004New Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes of White Mountain Research Station
Oct 27, 2004'White Mountain' Documentary Premieres November 23 on UCTV
Oct 26, 2004UCTV Comes to Riverside
Oct 13, 2004The University of California Lights Up Cable in the Inland Empire
Sep 10, 2004UCSD-TV and UCTV Programs Honored at 2004 Aurora Awards
May 25, 2004UCTV Launches on Local Cable in Northern California
May 18, 2004UCTV Airs All Summer Long in San Francisco
Mar. 11, 2004Dive Into Ocean Science and Exploration Tuesday Nights in April and May
Mar. 3, 2004Language Comes To Life in April With National Poetry Month on UCTV
Feb. 19, 2004UCTV Celebrates National Nutrition Month in March
Feb. 5, 2004UCSF Brings Women's Health Issues to UCTV
Jan. 15, 2004UCTV Celebrates National Engineers Week in February
Jan. 15, 2004UCTV Celebrates Black History Month in February
June 24, 2003UCTV Comes To Kern County
June 24, 2003UCTV Comes To Santa Rosa
June 2, 2003UCTV Comes To San Francisco
Apr. 23, 2003Novelist Amy Tan Shares Insights Into Her Work and Life
Apr. 23, 2003Panel of Experts Explore Conflict Of Interest Issues
Apr. 14, 2003UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Hosts Interview Programs on UCTV
Mar. 27, 2003Clark Kerr Lecture Series on the Role of Higher Education
Mar. 25, 2003UCSF's "Mini Medical School" Debuts On UCTV
Mar. 17, 2003UCTV Celebrates National Library Week With "Words Worth Watching"
Mar. 14, 2003New "Med Ed Hour" Launches on UCTV
Mar. 13, 2003UCTV Comes To City of Los Angeles
Mar. 12, 2003UCTV On Prime-Time in Santa Barbara
Feb. 24, 2003"Master Gardener" Programs on UCTV
Jan. 13, 2000UCTV Takes to Airwaves, Dedicated to Educational and Enrichment Programming


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Dec. 18, 2012Successful Farming Radio Magazine (audio file):
Teaching Sustainable Agriculture
Dec. 17, 2012Successful Farming Radio Magazine (audio file):
The Value of a Good Ag School
Mar. 19, 2012The Chronicle of Higher Education (link):
U. of California TV station will develop original content for YouTube
Feb. 23, 2012The UCLA Daily Bruin (link):
UC Television to launch Prime channel in exclusive partnership with YouTube
Feb. 22, 2012U~T San Diego (link):
UC-TV launching science heavy YouTube channel
Feb. 21, 2012The UCSB Daily Nexus (link):
UC Web Series Sheds Light on School News
Feb. 16, 2012The UC Berkeley Daily Californian (link):
New UCTV channel to premiere on YouTube
Feb. 15, 2012The Verge (link):
University of California launching UCTV Prime, a university-run YouTube original channel
Jan. 5, 2012Edhat Santa Barbara (link):
UCSB TV to Debut on Cox Cable Channel 72
Oct. 19, 2011The California Aggie (link):
UCTV launches new seminar program
Jun. 10, 2011UC Davis New and Information (link):
Prof calls seminars 'a treasure trove,' launches UC system's new online archive
Jun. 2, 2011The California Aggie (link):
UCTV Seminars brings knowledge to the masses
May 31, 2011Daily Democrat (link):
From Lake Tahoe to evolution, UC Davis seminars go online
Mar. 11, 2010UCSF News Center (link):
UCSF Lecture on Sugar & Obesity Goes Viral as Experts Confront Health Crisis
May 9, 2011San Francisco Chronicle (link):
UCSF program lets everyone go to med school
Apr 20, 2011Miller-McCune (link):
‘State of Minds’ Puts Research in the Spotlight
Mar 4, 2011Daily Bruin (link):
Professor Thomas Gillespie's forest documentary thrives
Feb 17, 2011UCLA Today (link):
Professor’s documentary wins coveted Telly award
Jan 13, 2011UC Berkeley News Center (link):
For ‘Conversations with History,’ it’s 500 and counting
Jan 4, 2011Daily Nexus (link):
UC Runs Exclusive Channel
Dec 10, 2010Daily Sound (link):
UCTV coming to Santa Barbara
Jan 28, 2010UC Newsroom (link):
UCTV Celebrates a Decade on the Air
Nov 10, 2009Sacramento Bee (link):
UC Davis Chorus Draws Big on YouTube
May 13, 2009UCLA Today (link):
UC's Cable Channel Extends Its Reach Over L.A.
Jan 16, 2000Los Angeles Times (link):
UC's Ivory Tower Beaming Out a New Television Signal

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