Debunking Trust & Safety: Unveiling the Reality Behind Online Integrity with Yoel Roth

10/17/2023; 29 minutes

This episode of TecHype features Yoel Roth, former Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter. Yoel provides first-hand insights into how one of the largest online platforms in the world built out its trust and safety operations to better ensure its service was helpful, harmless, and aligned with user expectations
While at Twitter, Dr. Roth found himself the target of a coordinated harassment campaign on the platform, one instigated by the current CEO Elon Musk. His years of work building out the trust and safety operations had become personal. In this episode, Dr. Roth provides professional and personal perspectives on the real benefits and risks of platform trust and safety efforts, the current state-of-the-art of the field, and where it's going. Recorded on 03/16/2023.

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