UCTV Retransmission Information

UCTV is available for retransmission on non-commercial television channels via Roku live stream and other Internet streaming devices at no cost. (We no longer offer C-Band or Dish Network satellite feeds.) However, many affiliates have reported frequent disruptions with the Roku live stream and, while we monitor and upgrade our server regularly, we cannot guarantee its reliability nor provide support. We recommend using a dedicated IP and the highest bandwidth available. We've also heard from affiliates that an analog output (as opposed to HDMI) offered an preferable signal. As the stream does stall occasionally, we suggest you use the UCTV feed when a staff member is available to restart the device, which easily solves the problem.

UCTV does require that affiliate channels transmit its signal live (no cherry-picking and rescheduling individual programs). This ensures that UCTV's promotional efforts at the local level, including in your market, are consistent with its national promotions. This also preserves the utility and accuracy of UCTV's extensive on-line program schedule.

UCTV programs in 3-hour thematic program blocks. Although there is no "minimum air time" requirement, we suggest that you utilize these program blocks when incorporating UCTV into your local schedule.

View the 24-hour Program Grid

In order to retransmit UCTV on a non-commercial channel, please complete the Retransmission Consent Form, making sure to provide ALL contact information, hours/days you would like to broadcast UCTV, cable system, household reach, and any other relevant information.

If you have any questions, please contact UCTV:

Phone: (858) 534-9412 or Toll-Free (800) 742-5117

E-mail: knowledge@uctv.tv

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