HIV/SIDA: The Epidemic in Tijuana

10/1/2015; 50 minutes

The four-part HIV/SIDA series follows UC San Diego epidemiologist Steffanie Strathdee, psychologist Tom Patterson and their binational team of doctors, researchers, medical students and outreach workers as they document the spread of HIV in Tijuana. Starting at El Bordo in the Tijuana River Canal and moving to the clinics at Prevencasa, the Las Memorias AIDS hospice and then inside the Tijuana Police Academy, this series shows their efforts to treat and prevent HIV infection among high risk groups, including people who inject drugs, sex workers, transgender women and men who have sex with men. Also featured are photographs and stories of those impacted by HIV, as portrayed by Malcolm Linton and Jon Cohen in their book, "Tomorrow Is a Long Time." The series concludes with an assessment of what it would take to end HIV/AIDS in Tijuana.

Funding for the book and series was provided by the Ford Foundation.


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