Exploring Racial Resentment and Politics

2/9/2022; 58 minutes

"I'm not a racist, but…" In their new book, Racial Resentment in the Political Mind (University of Chicago Press), Goldman School Dean David C. Wilson and Notre Dame Professor of Political Science Darren Davis explore the concept of racial resentment. They argue that while prejudice and racism are fundamentally rooted in American politics, so are non-racial motivations, such as a belief in a "just" world, where people get what they deserve and deserve what they get. This instinct to make judgments about "deservingness" in politics often animates those who believe they are "not racist," but tend to oppose policies and ideas that advance racial justice, and blame racial-ethnic minorities for their social, political, and economic positions. Join Dean Wilson and Professor Davis in conversation with Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof about their research findings and why a nuanced conversation about race is critical to democracy.  (#37781)

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