Bill Moyers in Conversation with Naomi Shihab Nye
Date: 5/23/2005; 89 minutes

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Naomi Shihab Nye interviews Bill Moyers of PBS fame. In this conversation before over a thousand people at Campbell Hall, UC Santa Barbara, Moyers talks about his love for poetry, the various programs he has been associated with at PBS, and his take on current events. His recent retirement from PBS' Now led media critic Tom Shales of the Washington Post to write, "Moyers represented reason, deliberation, serious questioning of the status quo and, especially, standing as firmly as possible against government encroachment into Americans' private lives ." Naomi Shihab Nye is the author and/or editor of more than twenty volumes and the winner of numerous poetry awards. She has appeared on two PBS poetry specials The Language of Life with Bill Moyers and The United States of Poetry. (#9391)

K-12 Educational Standards

Standards for Grade(s): 12

Principles of American Democracy

12.8 Students evaluate and take and defend positions on the influence of the media on American political life.

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