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Charade (Date: 12/5/1963)

Time Table (Date: 2/8/1956)

The Big Bluff (Date: 6/5/1955)

A Life at Stake (Date: 3/18/1955)

Girl Gang (Date: 1/1/1954)

The Bigamist (Date: 12/3/1953)

The Hoodlum (Date: 7/5/1951)

The Man Who Cheated Himself (Date: 12/26/1950)

The Man Who Cheated Himself (Date: 12/26/1950)

Borderline (Date: 3/1/1950)

Too Late for Tears (Date: 8/13/1949)

Parole Inc. (Date: 8/10/1949)

The Scar (Date: 2/3/1949)

Blonde Ice (Date: 7/24/1948)

The Chase (Date: 3/10/1947)

Behind Green Lights (Date: 2/15/1946)

Doomed to Die (Date: 8/12/1940)

Convict's Code (Date: 1/18/1939)

The World Gone Mad (Date: 5/15/1933)

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