AI Use Cases and Deployments Today, and Problem Statement for Future with Bharath Muthiah

12/21/2022; 14 minutes

Bharath Muthiah is a Technical Lead in Meta's Infrastructure team and leads technical sourcing for large scale AI HW cluster technologies and solutions. In this capacity, Bharath engages extensively with Meta's strategic technology partners, industry consortiums, hyperscale peers, and academic partners in influencing customization and optimizations for Meta's key AI use cases. Prior to this, Bharath led the technical sourcing and enabling efforts for Meta's Compute and Video Infrastructure efforts as well as jump starting Meta's technical engagements in the custom silicon and ASIC spaces. Prior to Meta, Bharath had 15 years of experience in the Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure spaces spanning various strategy, product management, and engineering roles at Intel. Recorded on 01/21/2022. (#38471)

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