Achieving Equality for Women with Mary Ann Mason - Conversations with History

5/20/2013; 58 minutes

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Berkeley's Mary Ann Mason for a discussion of the evolution of the women's movement. In the conversation, Professor Mason, the first woman dean of the graduate division at Berkeley, discusses her career as a historian, lawyer, and university official. She explains her focus on the family and its importance as an indicator of both changes in society and the status of women. Recalling her efforts at the University of California to generate data to understand the condition of women in the academy, she highlights the tools at her disposal to bring change including the role of the legal system, especially Title IX, and the dissemination of information. Throughout the discussion Professor Mason analyzes the importance of understanding how changes in structure in institutions and culture together with attitudinal change by women can insure their hopes for equality (#25073)

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