Data Center Energy Savings in this Decade with Chris Cole

11/17/2022; 19 minutes

Chris Cole is advising several companies including II-VI Inc. and Quintessent Inc., on advanced optical interfaces. Before, he was VP of Advanced Development, Finisar Corp. where he led the definition and development of 10 through 400 Gb/s optical interfaces for datacom and telecom applications. He delivered multiple generations of optical transceivers leading to ~$1billion of Finisar revenue. The 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G interfaces he defined and proposed for IEEE standardization constitute the majority of optical datacom links in datacenters, and account for billions of optics industry revenue. Prior, at Hughes Aircraft Company (now Boeing Space), and MIT Lincoln Laboratory he contributed to multiple communication and imaging satellites. Then, for TI DSP Group and Silicon Systems Inc. (now Analog Devices), he developed voiceband datacom algorithms and ASICs, respectively. Recorded on 01/21/2022. (#38467)

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