Dr. David Shulkin - A Life in Medicine: People Shaping Healthcare Today

2/5/2020; 57 minutes

The Honorable David Shulkin served as the 9th Secretary of Veterans Affairs from 2017 to 2018. An experienced healthcare executive, Shulkin had been CEO of several hospitals and had served as the VA's undersecretary. So he was entirely prepared for stepping into the role of leader of the nation's largest integrated healthcare system (and was confirmed by the Senate 100-0). Yet, soon after he began, he realized that he was not fully prepared for the realities of the role in the Trump administration. A group of political appointees committed to privatizing the VA system began – subtly at first, more brazenly later – to undercut Shulkin's authority, using back channels that have now become a familiar theme. Ultimately, he was fired by President Trump…by tweet. In this wide-ranging interview, he covers all of this, along with his experience as the "Lone Survivor" for the State of the Union Address and standing by the President's side after the news of Charlottesville hit. Recorded on 01/13/2020. (#35508)

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