Dr. Esteban Burchard - A Life in Medicine: People Shaping Healthcare Today

12/27/2019; 52 minutes

A world leader in efforts to untangle the contributions of genes and environment in the expression of common diseases, much of Dr. Esteban Burchard's work centers on childhood asthma, for which he runs the worlds largest cohort of diverse patients in an effort to better understand the risk factors for the disease and the predictors of outcomes and responses to therapy. He has also made major contributions in the areas of health disparities, precision medicine, and the promotion of underrepresented populations in the health professions. As the child of a single mother growing up in one of San Francisco's poorest neighborhoods, Dr. Burchard's unique background makes him particularly sensitive to issues surrounding health equity. Esteban Burchard is Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine at UCSF and director of the UCSF Center on Genes, Environment and Health. (#35380)

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