Four More Years: Obama's Re-Election and the Prospects for a Second Term: 32nd Annual Review of the Presidency

6/3/2013; 84 minutes

A panel of experts analyzes President Obama's re-election victory, and the prospects for his second term in the White House. The President won a clear but narrow victory, carrying fewer states and receiving a lower share of the popular vote than he did in 2008. At the same time, voters stuck with the status quo in Congress -- a Republican House and a Democratic Senate. So was the election a mandate for the President or merely a rejection of Republican nominee Mitt Romney? In either case, what should we expect from the second Obama Administration? Will it be more of the same, or a changed style of leadership? How much of the President's agenda is tied to the economy? What about foreign policy events over which the President has no control? Join us for this discussion that look backs at the election of 2012 and ahead to the next four years. (#25183)

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