Freedom from Oil Dependence with Yossie Hollander - Conversations with History

9/10/2012; 57 minutes

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Yossie Hollander for a discussion of the problem of oil dependence. Hollander discusses what he learned as a pioneer of the Israel software industry including the factors that made possible Israel's thriving Silicon Valley. Focusing on the role of philanthropy in changing the way we see social problems, he describes the mission of the Fuel Freedom Foundation which includes defining the problem of oil dependence. Examining present and future costs in light of the changing structure of oil markets, he shows how monopoly behavior prevents consumers from having access to vehicles that use alternative fuels. Hollander highlights the impact of China's demand for oil on the structure of the market focusing on future prices. He concludes with an analysis on the impact of oil dependence on poorer regions of the world such as Africa. (#24148)

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