Frozen Obsession: CWC Docs

6/1/2021; 57 minutes

Hester Blum, David Clark, and Korenna Estes discuss the film Frozen Obsession, which follows the 18-day, 2,000-mile Northwest Passage Project expedition through the stunningly beautiful and extreme Canadian Arctic, aboard the Swedish research icebreaker Oden. In conversation with Ian Kellett, Blum, Clark, and Estes discuss the process of making the documentary and the lessons they learned as a part of this project, as well as larger issues of climate change. Frozen Obsession follows the expedition of some of the many scientists who are racing to understand a fast-warming Arctic, exploring how environmental changes currently unfolding in the polar regions will affect life on a planetary scale. Recorded on 04/22/2021. (#37105)

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