Goalball Course at UC Berkeley

3/17/2014; 2 minutes

Berkeley's Goalball class brings together sighted and blind students to learn the game and also study the theoretical framework by which sports and fitness opportunities impact the disability community. Goalball is a team sport similar to soccer, yet designed for the visually impaired. Sighted athletes also participate by wearing blacked-out goggles. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw an audible ball into the opponents' goal. Recreational Sport Department coordinator, Matt Grigorieff, discusses the genesis of Berkeley's "Fitness-for-All" program and how the game and course is conducted. Professor Derek Van Rheenen has partnered with the Recreational Sports Department, the Bay Area Outreach and Recreational Program (BORP), and the American Cultures Engaged Scholar Program to offer the course. (#27922)

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