Improving Health Care Access for Black and Spanish-speaking People with Down Syndrome

6/29/2023; 44 minutes

Dr. Brian Skotko, who has a sister with Down syndrome, discusses improving healthcare access for Black and Spanish-speaking individuals with Down syndrome. In collaboration with colleague Albert Pless, Jr., they embarked on a journey to understand the clinical needs of underrepresented minorities in the Down syndrome community. They discovered that the majority of people with Down syndrome lack access to specialty clinics, and this disparity may be even greater among those from underrepresented backgrounds. Through interviews, focus groups, and surveys with caregivers and primary care physicians, they gathered data to drive their recommendations. Their goal is to create tangible solutions and implement change to address the barriers faced by these communities. Join them as they share their findings and discuss the steps taken to improve healthcare for individuals with Down syndrome. Recorded on 03/02/2023. (#38868)

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