Knights and Kings at Play: Festive Martial Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain with Teofilo Ruiz

7/16/2012; 57 minutes

An internationally recognized historian whose work focuses on medieval Spain and Europe, Professor Teofilo F. Ruiz discusses knight-errants and the elitist world of fictitious warfare: tournaments, running and fighting of bulls, skilled equestrian games. He draws from his most recent book, "A King Travels: Festive Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain," which was released earlier this month by Princeton University Press. The Faculty Research Lecture is the latest in what has been an incredible whirlwind of awards and achievements for Ruiz, who published another book just last September, titled "The Terror of History: On the Uncertainties of Life in Western Civilization" (Princeton University Press). In February, he traveled to the White House to accept the prestigious National Humanities Medal, awarded to those whose work has deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities.

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