Partnering with Youth and Young Adults in Behavioral Health: To Live Happy, Healthy, and Productive Lives
Premiere Date: 10/12/2012; 59 minutes

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The field of behavioral health has increasingly recognized the importance of addressing the needs of specific age groups with respect to both mental and substance use disorders. Teenagers (ages 12 17) and young adults (ages 18 24) are two age groups for which sensitivity to age is especially important in the practice of prevention, treatment, and recovery. What are the most effective approaches to preventing underage drinking and use of illicit drugs including the nonmedical use of prescription medications among youth? What mental, emotional, and behavioral problems are most commonly found in both teenagers and young adults and what are the most effective approaches to prevention and treatment? What are the specialized needs of youth in recovery from substance use, a mental health problem, or both? This show will address these important questions, examining the role of family, schools, and community. (#24150)

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