Robert Irwin: Two Running Violet V Forms - Stuart Collection at UC San Diego

2/11/2022; 3 minutes

For the Stuart Collection, "Two Running Violet V Forms," Robert Irwin was drawn to the eucalyptus groves so characteristic of the UC San Diego campus. Irwin installed two fencelike structures in V-forms amidst the trees. The "fences" are blue-violet, plastic-coated, small gauge chain-link fencing supported by stainless steel poles that average twenty-five feet in height.

At no point is the fence an obstacle; rather it acts as a screen reflecting the changes in light throughout the day and the year, the moment and the season. Its gentle introduction of industrialized geometry recalls the unnatural grid that organized the grove, and suggests a sensual intrusion into the forest. For people who walk the grove's various paths, the sculpture provides an ever-changing perceptual experience.

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