Script to Screen: I'm Your Man

12/15/2021; 54 minutes

Moderator Matt Ryan spoke with Maria Schrader about her film "I'm Your Man," which she directed and co-wrote and is now Germany's submission for the international film category for the 2022 Academy Awards. The film focuses on Alma, a researcher who is chosen to test a humanoid robot named Tom, who is programmed to be the perfect partner for her. Schrader discussed the exciting and challenging aspects of writing such an unconventional romance story, as well as the process of directing lead actors Maren Eggert and Dan Stevens through the film's comedic, intimate, and emotional scenes. In response to some questions from the audience, Schrader shared insights on themes of memory and anthropology throughout the film, as well as her own inspirations for filmmaking and screenwriting. (#37681)

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