Subversives: Short Films about Intersex Life

3/1/2021; 57 minutes

A Normal Girl director Aubree Bernier-Clarke, activist/producer Pidgeon Pagonis, and Ponyboi director River Gallo discuss their experiences creating these innovative portraits of contemporary intersex life. In conversation with moderator Xiuhe Zhang, Bernier-Clarke, Pagonis, and Gallo address the challenges that intersex media makers, performers, and writers face in telling their stories, but also highlight how documentary and fiction filmmaking can help to shift popular (mis)conceptions about intersex people and their communities. Ponyboi tells the story of a young intersex sex worker struggling to navigate the terrain's of intimacy and identity, while A Normal Girl focuses on the work of activist Pidgeon Pagonis, who advocates for intersex peoples' rights to medical non-conformity and bodily self-determination. Recorded on 02/02/2021. (#36821)

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