The Battle for Pluralism in the Middle East with Marwan Muasher - Conversations with History

5/14/2014; 57 minutes

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes the Carnegie Endowment's Marwan Muasher for a discussion of his new book, "The Second Arab Awakening." Topics covered include: "The First Arab Awakening;" the political failure of Arab states in the wake of nationalism and pan Arabism; the evolution of political Islam; the role of the military and technology in shaping the course of the Arab Spring; what is required for the second Arab Awakening to succeed; and the importance for the building of a third force in Arab politics, one that respects pluralism and establishes institutions that are accountable and which focuses on achieving equity, accountability, and a new educational system. Recorded on 03/14/2014. (#28055)

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