The Children of the Revolution

2/16/2015; 88 minutes

UC Berkeley Professor Yuri Slezkine is an innovative historian whose work focuses on the early years of the Soviet Union. In this lecture, he focuses on the private lives of Bolshevik government officials: their wives, maids, lovers, children, and other comrades. The argument is that revolutions devour their parents and that they begin as tragedy and end at home. By centering the cultural and political upset of revolution within domestic space, Slezkine reimagines the story of the Bolsheviks' rise. This Moses Lecture follows on Slezkine's work as translator and co-editor, with Sheila Fitzpatrick, of "In the Shadow of Revolution: Life Stories of Russian Women from 1917 to the Second World War" (2000), which reexamined the societal upheavals of those years through the lens of Soviet women's autobiographical writings, oral testimonies and private documents. Recorded on 11/14/2014. (#29041)

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