The Resurgence of the West with Richard Rosecrance - Conversations with History

12/4/2013; 58 minutes

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Richard Rosecrance for a discussion of how a transatlantic union can prevent war and restore the United States and Europe. The conversation includes a discussion of Rosecrance's intellectual journey focusing on his work on the evolution of the state as it is driven over time by changes in the international economy. The discussion addresses the diminishing importance of the balance of power, the implications of the example of the European Union for the future of international relations, and the opportunities offered by a customs union between Europe and the USA as they both face the challenge of the rise of the East. Rosecrance also address the vulnerabilities embedded in the Asian economic miracle with particular emphasis on the weaknesses of China. He concludes with the possibility of drawing China into a customs union thereby avoiding the danger traditionally posed to the international system by the rise of a great power. (#25904)

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