UCTV Hits 1 Million YouTube Subscribers Milestone, Given Creator Gold Award

5/16/2022; 1 minutes

UCTV reached a major milestone in January with the acquisition of its one-millionth YouTube subscriber after contributing educational content to the platform for over a decade. YouTube awarded the station the coveted Creator Gold Award for this achievement. Like many YouTube success stories, UCTV's begins in the platform's earliest days. In 2006, UCTV, which is managed by UCSD-TV, partnered with Google to provide 1,000 hours of educational content to what was then called Google Video. At the time, it was the largest provider of educational content to Google, all of which migrated to YouTube after the still-nascent video-sharing platform was acquired by Google. In 2008, YouTube awarded UCTV an "original channel" slot, setting the stage for its upward trajectory ever since. Recorded on 03/09/2022. (#37931)


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