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Tuesday May 21, 2024

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Data Dignity and the Inversion of AI
In this program, Jaron Lanier, Microsoft's prime unifying scientist, discusses a piece he published in The New Yorker ("There Is No AI") about applying data dignity ideas to artificial intelligence. Lanier argues that large-model AI can be reconceived as a social collaboration by the people who provide data to the model in the form of text, images and other modalities. This is a figure/ground inversion of the usual conception of AI as being a participant or collaborator in its own right. Explanations of model results and behaviors would then center around the relative influence of specific inputs through a provenance calculation mechanism. This formulation suggests new and different strategies for long-term economics in the context of high-performance AI, as well as more concrete approaches to many safety, fairness and alignment questions.

This program is co-hosted with the UC Berkeley College of Computing, Data Science, and Society and the UC Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab. The CITRIS Research Exchange delivers fresh perspectives on information technology and society from distinguished academic, industry and civic leaders. Recorded on 09/13/2023.
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Schedule for 5/21/2024
12:00 AM Revisiting the Classics: Paris Is Burning
1:00 AM An Antisemitic Double-Murder: The Forgotten History of Right-Wing Terrorism in Postwar West Germany
2:00 AM 'I' and Self-Consciousness
4:00 AM Jake Blount - Live at the Loft
5:30 AM Inherited Black Futures Shaping Tomorrow Through Ancestral Craft with Jake Blount
6:00 AM How Modern Slavery Touches Everyone
7:30 AM How Modern Slavery Impacts the Environment with Kevin Bales
9:00 AM Effects of Astrocytic Circadian Clocks Disruption on Synaptic Pruning with Anca Pasca - Breaking News in Stem Cells
10:00 AM Barriers to Care for People with Developmental Disabilities
11:00 AM Prenatal Inflammation Shapes Postnatal Immune Function by Reprogramming Fetal Hematopoiesis with Anna Beaudin - Sanford Stem Cell Symposium 2023
12:00 PM Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Low Resource Settings
1:00 PM The Science of Economic Opportunity: New Insights from Big Data with Raj Chetty
2:30 PM How to Get Big Oil to Take Climate Change Seriously
3:00 PM A Recent History of U.S. Foreign Policy With China
4:00 PM The Moment in Time: The Manhattan Project
5:00 PM California Against the Sea: Reflections on Communicating Sea Level Rise
6:00 PM Developing Technology to Stay Ahead of Natural Disasters
7:00 PM Data Dignity and the Inversion of AI
8:00 PM California Against the Sea: Reflections on Communicating Sea Level Rise
9:00 PM Developing Technology to Stay Ahead of Natural Disasters
10:00 PM Data Dignity and the Inversion of AI
11:00 PM Anti-Racism Initiative: Fostering Institutional Change Following the Tragic Murder of George Floyd
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