An Evening with Deepak Chopra
Discusses breakthroughs in integrative medicine and mind-body connections.
Food is Medicine
Integrative nutrition research on how natural foods can mitigate health problems.
The Healing Self with Deepak Chopra
How to protect your immune system by managing stress and reducing inflammation.
Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking
Efforts to help victims of human trafficking and how to protect yourself & others.
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Tibetan Medicine Conference on Mind-Body Health

The 2017 Tibetan Medicine Conference on Mind-Body Health held at the Harvard Medical School features speakers who recognize Tibetan medicine as a therapeutic system offering healing modalities that cross the great divide between mind and body.

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Sages & Scientists

Excerpts from the 2016 Sages and Scientists Symposium convened by Deepak Chopra, MD, a world renowned expert in mind-body medicine.

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Our Microbiome

You have up to ten times as many microbial cells in and on your body as you have human cells. Discover how the cells that make up our microbiome can impact everything from mood, weight, sleep patterns, allergies and more.

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