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The Emotional Side of Diabetes
Living well with diabetes takes emotional strength. Staying strong emotionally is important to keeping stress under control which helps keep blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels where they belong. Lawrence Fisher explores the social, behavioral, self-management support and care system factors that affect the management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Recorded on 03/27/2019.
The Effects of Early Life Stress on Brain and Behavior
Yale University's BJ Casey shares an in-depth look into the detrimental effects on the brain resulting in behavioral and developmental impairment caused by stress during childhood. Recorded on 12/02/2016.
Causes of Workplace Burnout
Beating burnout is hard under the best circumstances but even harder when things happen. Dr. Larissa Thomas discusses the causes of workplace burnout.
Stress and Obesity - The Exposome and Metabolic Health - 2018 COAST/SSEW Symposium
Barbara Laraia, PhD, UC Berkeley, reveals why neighborhoods and stress have a major impact on obesity and pregnancy. Recorded on 09/21/2018.
The Social Exposome - The Exposome and Metabolic Health - 2018 COAST/SSEW Symposium
Aric Prather, PhD, UCSF Professor and Co-Director of the Consortium for Obesity Assessment, Study, and Treatment (COAST) discusses how social stressors and relationships can act like environmental toxins, a concept called the "social exposome." Recorded on 09/21/2018.
The Entanglement of Meditation and Medicine, and What Love’s Got to Do With It with Jon Kabat-Zinn
Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, which teaches participants how to navigate and integrate the challenges and adventures of everyday life. He is also the author of several best-selling books on the topic of mindfulness, including Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are. Recorded on 02/16/2018.
Food Insecurity, Stress, and Nutrition - Hunger for Change: Food Insecurity, Stress & Obesity, 2017 COAST/SSEW Symposium
Expert panel explores the relation of food insecurity, stress and nutrition. Panelists: Janet Tomiyama, UCLA – The Stigma of Obesity; Deborah Cohen, RAND Corporation – Stress and Built Environments; Barbara Laraia, UC Berkeley – Food Insecurity During Pregnancy; Annie Gupta, UCLA – Stress, Food, and Reward System; Emeran Mayer, UCLA- Stress and Microbiome. Recorded on 10/25/2017.
Food Insecurity and Stress: From the Inside Out - Hunger for Change: Food Insecurity, Stress & Obesity, 2017 COAST/SSEW Symposium
Cindy Leung explains the novel mechanism of stress in the relation between food insecurity and health. Food insecurity has direct negative effects on health from infancy into adulthood, most in importantly on cardiovascular health. Food insecurity is a also form of toxic stress that has negative psychological effects.
Recorded on 10/25/2017.
Beating Burnout: Wellness for Students, Residents and Fellows, and Practicing Physicians
Beating burnout is hard under the best circumstances but even harder when things happen. Dr. Larissa Thomas explores the factors that contribute to burnout in the medical field, and what to do about it.
Anxiety De-escalation and Stress Reduction Techniques
Vanessa Hus Bal, PhD & Gregory Lyons, PhD, BCBA. STAR Center for ASD & NDDs, UCSF
Emotional Burnout
Dr. Eve Ekman discusses the common phenomenon known as "burnout", explaining what it is and why it's significant.
Professional Empathy
Dr. Eve Ekman deconstructs empathy and explains how being empathetic can better you personally and professionally.
What Are Emotions?
Eve Ekman gives a clinical definition of emotion, including their utility as we understand it, how they arise in the mind, and the ways various emotions are felt in different people.
Handling Emotion
Dr. Eve Ekman discusses the ways people typically interact with their emotions, especially negative ones, and which of these ways has been shown to be most effective.
What’s the Deal with Telomeres?
Elissa Epel explains what a telomere is, what it does, and why it's important to protect them from excessive stress.
Rethinking Positivity
Margaret Chesney walks us through the powerful results of positivity, explaining how being a positive person can benefit both your physiology and your lifestyle, leading to decreased risk of health problems later on.
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Dr. Kevin Barrows explains the term "mindfulness based stress reduction" (MBSR) and why he recommends the process to anyone, especially those suffering from certain psychological and physiological conditions.
Mindfulness Vs. Relaxation
Dr. Kevin Barrows explains the difference between meditation focused on mindfulness and that practiced purely for relaxation, and describes how to two are also interconnected.
The History of Mindfulness
Dr. Kevin Barrows relates some of the historical roots of mindfulness and how it evokes the revealing of the unconscious processes of the mind.
A Definition of Mindfulness
Dr. Kevin Barrows provides a general description of mindfulness, which includes it as a form of awareness and a way of paying attention.
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